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On our way from Longreach to Aramac: the 5-million dollar monument around the remainings of the "Tree of Knowledge" in Barcaldine, QLD

The ghost gum, Eucalyptus Papuana, which grew outside the Railway Station (rail line came in 1864), earned its claim to fame as the founding site of the political movement now known as the Australian Labor Party. In 1891 Barcaldine was the centre for the striking shearers during the "Great Shearers Strike" when they met under its boughs. In May 1891, about 3000 shearers marched under the "Eureka" flag to put forward their protests against poor working conditions and low wages. Because the area beneath the Tree of Knowledge was the scene of actions and decisions which had a profound effect on the future of labour and politics in Australia, it has become an icon of the Labor Party and Trade Unions. The Tree of Knowledge was included in the National Heritage List on 26th January 2006. Sadly it was poisoned in 2006 and did not recover.