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Grazing horses at "Kanaka" camp

I am honest, I had expected this Cattle Drive to be a touristy thingy. I soon revised my opinion - not only because we had to get up every day at 5am. It was much more than a toursitic event and it is the local people who make the difference. They took the initiative to show us a part of their heritage. In a very friendly way they are proud of tradition and it was an unique opportunity to participate in a part of their everydays' lives and get a flavor of how hard it must have been more than 100 years ago when there was nothing.
Susanne, Corinne and I were the only foreigners, all others were Aussies; it was a great group and we learned a lot during the rides and laughed sitting around the campfire. It is also great that every year two disadvantaged kids are taken on the drive. We thank the whole Harry Redford Team for making this such a unique experience - keep it as it is and don't make it more "comfortable". If you want to know more about the legendary Harry Redford, click here.