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A funny story of four Swiss tourists in Tunnel Creek NP

Corinne and I checked out where the entrance to the cave system was the evening before. I noticed a distinct smell in the air (zoo, reptile section). Earlier this year on a tour around Darwin we learnt that it is from crocs, the stronger the the smell the bigger the croc. But hey, it is dry season and I said it is very unlikely that there are crocodiles in this cave. Equipped with torches and sandals to wade through water we scrambled over the first boulders above dark water with a lot of bubbles. I thought the smell might also originate from the bubbles. Michael walked ahead and as he turned back to inform us about the end of the dry section Simone said "Look, there is a small red reflection", "Yes, over there" Corinne confirmed - "Where? We cannot see it ..." both Michael and I asked and returned with our torches switched on to where we already were moments before. And indeed, there it was, a "small freshie" ... hard to tell how small in the dark, maybe 1-1.5 metres. Michael said we could just pass it, he had already been swimming with bigger ones in a pool 11 years ago. All of a sudden the croc quickly moved towards us with its mouth wide open(as wide as possible for a small croc ;-) Only with sandals, in a dark cave with a rough, slippery surface we ran a couple of metres back. I have to admit, my heart was beating fast ... and we decided, where there is one small croc, there can also be more (bigger) crocs - and turned around. The small, unfriendly, maybe unhappy Schnischnaschnappi scared the four inexperienced Swiss tourists out of Tunnel Creek NP. Our "adventure" was over after only 50m into the cave and I took this picture as a memory back a the entrance.