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At the "entrance" of Lamington NP

This was one of the most impressive experiences so far. We both have never been in a "real" rain forest before. With hiking boots, long socks and trousers we hoped to minimise the impact of leeches - far from it! At first glance they just look like small worms or caterpillars, about 1mm in diameter and 3cm long. They somehow manage to attach to your trousers or shoes and then make their way through tiny gaps to your legs where they start sucking your blood. Unlike a mosquito bite you don't feel a sting and it doesn't hurt at all. But when Corinne all of a sudden realised that her knee is bleeding through her trousers, it was a bit gross: the tiny worm had stopped sucking blood, because it was full, grown to the size of my thumb, about 20 times its original volume and then let go, still being somewhere in Corinne's trousers. She had about four leeches that day and I counted eleven - fortunately not all of them sucked as much blood as the one I just described beforehand. The only annoying thing is, that it does not stop bleeding for a long time because the bite stops the blood coagulation.