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Just after we've had our second encounter with a snake Lamington NP

For this long day hike we combined Coomera Curcuit with parts of the Border Track and Mt. Hobwee Circuit. In the vicinity of Mt. Hobwee, I suddenly stopped and moved backwards: I almost stepped on a snake that was curled up in a sunny spot on the narrow trail. Neither repeated vibrations from stamping with our heavy boots on the ground nor a closer look seemed to wake it up. Just when Corinne, who initially was more frightened of encountering dangerous animals, went again closer (too close when you ask me for not knowing if it was a venemous snake or not) it all of a sudden moved out of our way ... anthracite grey, about a meter long and 5cm in diameter. Alerted by this event we continued along the track. It was not the last encounter with a snake for that day. Just half an hour later, in a very wet and dark section we crossed the way of a smaller snake, maybe half a meter long and just as thick as my thumb, light grey with a distinctive diagonal brownish pattern: it quickly moved accross the trail and my foot missed it only by some centimeters!