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Red-bellied black snake Mt Kaputar NP

At the second day of our three-week christmas break, I spotted this red-bellied black snake just near the trail, close to the summit of Mt. Kaputar. It was the fourth snake that we encounterd in wildlife, the first I could photograph. Two Australians that just caught up with us pointed out that it is one of the ten most venemous snakes, maybe number 7! Of course we were impressed to have seen such a dangerous snake. On the same day we met some other Australians which laughed and said: "The red-bellied black snake? That's a good snake, it chases the dangerous brown snakes away and sometimes we catch it and it eat ...". At a ranger station we checked a book as more reliable source of information. This classified the red-bellied black snake as "dangerous" - but not "very dangerous" as the brown snakes - and, so far no fatal incidents with humans have been reported.